All these teaching Laboratories are well equipped. The major equipments present include Microscope, Screw Gauge, Vernier Caliper, Spectrophotometer, PH Meter Bench top, Centrifuge, Incubator, Laminar Flow Hood, Drying Oven etc along with sufficient glassware.

IIHS Physiocare and Pain Clinic

Kinesiology Lab

To study all aspects of health, rehabilitation, and human movements, a well  equipped Kinesiology and Medical Physics Lab has been established for the  DPT students of IIHS. Equipments available in lab consist of Shoulder wheel, Parallel bars, Gate Mirror, Training stairs, Elbow crutches, Canes, Walking Frame, Exercise Mats, Wheel Chair, Tred Mil Electric, Exercise Cycle, Infra Red Lamp, Hot/Cold Packs, Heating Pads, Tens, Examination Couches, Shoulder Crutches, Therabands, BP Apparatus Digital, Tilt bed, Mini massager, Bolsters, Wedges, Rocker Board, Hand,Wrist & Elbow Strengthner, Theraflex All Types,Power Web, Power Balls, Dumbells,Goniometer, Measyring Tapes, Shoulder Pully, weight Machine, Reflex Hammers etc.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Anatomy and Physiology lab is located in the institute building. It can easily accommodate 50 students. It includes models of international standard on human anatomy, limbs,hand, torso, head and neck, brain, eyes, ear, lungs, nervous system, digestive system, Spinal Cord, Human Heart,perimetry, kidney and pelvis etc. Sufficient  glass ware and  equipments necessary for physiology practicals are also available.

Micro Biology and Bio Chemistry Lab

Major equipments available are UV-vis spectrophotometer, Water bath, Weight balance,PH meter, Electric balance, Centifuge, Incubator, Hot plate, Laminar flow Hood along with sufficient glassware.

Institute Library

The college library consists of a main hall, which is apread over 1260 sq. feet. The Assistant Librarian is available in the main library all the time. It is a well stocked library with the latest professional books and journals covering all biomedical clinical sciences. Total Number of Books available in library are 687 out of which 423 are course books and 263 are reference books, arranged according to subjects. HEC Digital Library will also provide free access for the students to wide range of electronic resources including e-books and e-journels across the Institute premises.
Library can accommodate 35 students which is adequate for the needs of the institute. The Library also has 5 computers for students with MEDLINE on CD-ROM and special program for Library Sciences. The library’s online catalogue allows the students to look for information by Title, Author, Subject, Keyword ect, serving all the school in the campus.

Computer Lab

For the training of students, a developed Computer Lab is also present in the Institute.

Meeting Room

The Conference Room is located on the first floor, inside the IIHS building’s distinctive. The room offers a lecture or conference style arrangement of seating.

Lecture Halls

Four Lecture Halls and one Examination Hall are present in institute. Each Hall has the  capacity of 50 students and also contains Multimedia.

Female Staff Room

For Female Faculty members, a separate staff room is present in the Institute.

Girls Prayer Room

Prayer Room for girl in also present in Institute where girls can their daily prayers.

Sports Club

Sports club for the students will be formed under the supervision of senior member of the faculty. Tournaments of badminton and cricket will be also arranged periodically. The institute is also making arrangements to provide the students with facilities of a Gymnasium.

Literary Society

Students will be encouraged to join the educational society. In the periodic meeting of this literary society, topics of interest from latest professional journals and current literature will be discussed by the students with participation from faculty members.


Transport service will be also available for students and staff on payment.

Hostel Facility

Hostel facility is available.


Students and Staff will be provided with the facility of a spacious cafeteria where food will be served at subsidized rates. The management of the Institute strictly supervises cleanliness and hygienic conditions if the premises.